ThinkDigits - Mind Mapping Calculator

ThinkDigits - MindMapping Calculator
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Mind Maps and Calculators are great tools for working with your thoughts and numbers. We’ve combined these ideas into one tool so you can collect information, organise it, perform calculations then distribute it to the people that matter. These are the three steps we call:

  • Capture
  • Calculate
  • Communicate

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Quickly collect notes & numbers

  • Collect numbers and notes by dragging and dropping.
  • Visually organise on the page
  • Easily arrange numbers and notes as they come, don’t limit
 yourself to rows & columns.

Add meaning with labels, icons, colours & shapes

  • Use quick colour and shape selectors to add visual depth.
  • Choose from over 70+ icons by browsing or using keyword search tool.
  • Assign labels from your own list of quick labels.


Apply over 40+ mathematical, statistical and financial functions

  • Mathematical: sqrt, cosh, power, asin, acos, tanh, atan2, abs, deg, mod, rad, sin, atan, cos, sinh, log, tan, divide, subtract, multiply, ln, exp, fact.
  • Statistical: median, stdev, mode, max, min, average, sum.
  • Loans & Investments: irr, npv, pmt, rate, pv, fv, nper.
  • Margin / Mark ups: grossmargin, markup, spmarkup, spmargin.
  • Taxation: tax, inctax, extax.

Create formulas with drag and drop connections

  • Create sophisticated formulas visually – link Numbers and Functions.
  • Use new page copy feature to keep formulas and scenarios as templates.
  • Calculations are animated to allow you to see the effects of updated numbers.
  • Easy drag and drop what if scenarios.


Present with background themes

  • Improve the presentation of your information using appropriate backgrounds and images.
  • Use backgrounds from your photo collection.

Share your work as PDFs or images

  • Send portable PDF copies of your pages via email (iPhone OS 3.0 only).
  • Send your pages as embedded image files (PNG) format via email.
  • Send editable ThinkDigits Pages

    • Exchange editable ThinkDigits pages with other ThinkDigits users.
    • Publish editable pages into Web Pages.
    • Directly open ThinkDigits pages from web sites or email.

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